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I first came in to see Dr. Olson as I had neck, shoulder, upper, and lower back pain. I had poor range of motion in my neck because I always slept on my stomach and I did a lot of bending and lifting so my low back always felt sore. I also had this big "bump" on the back of my lower neck which would stick out a lot and was noticeable. My sister told me to come in and get adjusted so I decided to try it.

I really liked the way Dr. Olson adjusted me. She was very thorough with the adjustment so I actually felt relief.

Dr. Olson has greatly improved that big "bump" in my neck. She took xrays before my treatment and after the recommended care. Not only could I feel the difference in my neck, but I could also see it!

Throughout the years, Dr. Olson has "fixed" me and I am very thankful to her as she has even been available to help me on the weekend when I was in horrid pain from my car accident. She is very dedicated and focused when it comes to Chiropractic care and that is why I trust her.

I was maintaining my condition very well as seeing her one time a week or every other week as needed, but currently I suffered another injury to my spine in December and again in March. However, I have complete faith that Chiropractic, massage, rest, and exercise will get me through this. It is what Dr. Olson has recommended in the past and it has always helped me and never failed. A million thanks Dr. Olson!

Comprehensive Chiropractic Care Concord


My child has suffered from asthma at a very young age. I was very scared as a mom to always be wondering if your son's breathing is okay. This would affect him at school during PE and when he would play at the park with his friends. But the asthma would come around mostly at night when he would be sleeping. It was very stressful for me because he would have trouble breathing and would cough a lot. He would have to use inhalers with steriods in them to help him breathe. This was not a few times a month, this would be every night ever since he was a baby. I remember I went to a health fair and met Dr. Olson. I was having back pain and decided to get Chiropractic care for myself. After I started my treatment, my son's asthma came up and Dr. Olson said it could be coming from his spine. I brought Rafael in to get checked by Dr. Olson. Dr. Olson examined his spine and found an alignment problem with my son's spine. It took several adjustments to get him better. He can now do what a normal child does- play, run, and sleep through the whole night without waking up! It's been six months now and I am so happy. He hasn't had that problem and doesn't need his inhalers. On a scale of 0 - 10 on how it affected him, in the beginning it was a 10 but now it's a 0! Our goals for our son is to keep him as healthy as possible and not depend on medications to heal him. Thank you for your good treatment that you have given us and our health and our lives back!.

Concord Chiropractor


I came to Dr. Olson in October 2006 with low back pain and an impinged shoulder. I could not lift my arm much past my paralleel and if I tried to push it through the impingement, pain radiated down to my elbow. I was already scheduled for surgery 5 weeks out and I had resigned myself to it.

I'd been to another chiropractor for more than a year. Usually I wa helped with a pain in my back but I wasn't seeing any improvement. My shoulder wasn't even looked at, no mater how many times I asked about it. The pain in my back was of the highest priority. All my movements were tenative. I was afraid that any sudden movements would result in pain. Getting in and out of bed was done slowly, housecleaning was out of the question. Getting in and out of vehicles was painful. You get the idea...

I came to Dr. Olson with a CD of MRI's and Xrays - there were so many of them. She assessed me and designed a plan of action and even told me how long it would take. WOW! I've been going to Chiropractors for almost 25 years and this is the first time I heard of a PLAN. I am an active person, who played soccer, competed in Powerlifting and loved bike riding. Now I was doing nothing and gaining a lot of weight.

Dr. Olson began my treatments and three weeks I stopped my pain medication. On the 4th week, I met the shoulder doctor for my pre-op. He was impressed with the improvement in the rotation of the joint and delayed the surgery. "Come back in 6 weeks and we'll see if your strength is up."

I was feeling better and had more movement in my back. My dad visited me for 6 weeks (arriving the day I had my pre-op) and had noticed my little moans when I bent over tentiatively, reached, or stoop up - WERE GONE! I started working out again - just a little. My back started moving and bending. The stiffness was gone and flexibility was returning.

10 weeks after I first came to Dr. Olson's office, I met the surgeon again. His verdict was the best I could have hoped: my surgery was definately cancelled and I wa off his list. WONDERFUL NEWS - what a way to start 2007!

My trainer is happy with my progress. She says I moved like a bag of cement when I first came to her. One night last week, I got up in the middle of the night for water. The house was cold and I ran back to my room and jumped into bed. JUMPED INTO BED!!!! Wow. I couldn't believe it! My fear of pain was gone. I have a new lease on life! Thank you Dr. Olson. You are GOLDEN!

Comprehensive Chiropractic Care in Concord CA
Mimi T.


have played piano for 10 years. But one year ago, I injured my arm lifting furniture at work. I couldn't play the piano anymore because of the tension in my arm. I didn't believe in Chiropractors at first, but my dad and sister who had already been treated by Dr. Olson told me that Chiropractic had helped them. I made up my mind and gave Chiropractic a try. After taking all the treatments, I recovered all the movements of my arm and wrist. I am very happy and grateful for Dr. Olson's Chiropractic care because I can now play the piano without tension.

Thank you so very much!

Concord Chiropractor
Francisco D.


Hi! My name is Epifanio. I suffered an accident in my house and I injured my knees. A friend recommended Dr. Olson to me and I decided to see what she could do for me. I came with crutches into her office and I could not walk as I was very weak. Dr. Olson took x-rays of my knees and she knew right away with was wrong with me. Thanks to Dr. Olson I was able to walk without crutches within 15 days! I give thanks to Dr. Olson and God that I was able to heal so fast. Dr. Olson is a zealous doctor and I recommend her to everyone. I am full of appreciation to Dr. Olson. Thank you so much! May God continue to give you daily strength and many blessings so that you can continue to help other people!

Concord Chiropractor


I originally had major lower back pain and could hardly move. I had trouble walking into her office. This pain affected my every day life. It was hard to position anyway without pain. Dr. Olson has made my back pain go away. I have more flexibility, my posture has improved and I am able to get on the floor and play with the kids again. I have been less sick since adjustments as well. I enjoy dancing, walking longer distances, horsing around with my kids and overall better health. When you walk into her office you feel a positive energy. There are few real "healers" working in the field of Chiropracitc and they are crucially needed. I am grateful Dr. Olson found her true calling early in life.

Thank you
Concord Chiropractor
Tuesday A.


After a serious back spasm and severe leg pain forced me to seek medical attention, my sister recommended Dr. Olson.

In the initial session, the pain entering my legs and feet was alleviated. After a brief time, the adjustments, which generated slight discomfort, began generative joy in a renewed freedom from severe pain and limited movement.

When I sought treatment through traditional medicine, I was instructed to take pain medication and lay down. However, the Chiropractic team here, using a proactive approach implementing adjustments and continued moderate activity produced astounding results!!!

It had been difficult finding an office, which could care for my painful condition quickly. But upon the initial phone call to this office, I was seen the same day. This is a testiment to their caring service. The extended hours, reasonable fees and charitable endeavors of Dr. Olson are further evidences of her heart-felt caring ways.

I strongly recommend that the readers of this letter heed the directives and recommendations of the doctors and staff here. In doing so will be self-evidently amazing!!

Yours truly

Concord Chiropractor
Gary R.

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